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Large Folio Earrings Gold Plated

  • Large Folio Earrings Gold Plated
  • Large Folio Earrings Gold Plated
  • Large Folio Earrings Gold Plated

Large Folio Earrings, part of the Zygo Collection.

Made from beautifully thin gold plated silver these large earrings make a statement yet are delicately lightweight. The joining of the sheet material distorts the silver creating a wave in the form. Faceted matte finish.

The Zygo Collection is an exploration of how the marks and movements of making affect the finished item, this collection draws attention to the imperfections, appreciating their individuality and unique nature. Wobbly lines and uneven circles come together with a bold join; a lump of solder sits bringing the two parts together.

Measuring approx 50mm tall and 40mm wide each.

Solid sterling silver gold plated, sterling silver ear scroll.

All items are handmade. Gold plating is completed in batches approximately once a month (when the minimum order has been reached) therefore please allow approximately 6-8 weeks plus shipping time. If you'd like more information and a more accurate delivery estimate, please feel free to email. Sent in a Lennie Beare jewellery box made from recycled materials.

Gold plating bonds a layer of gold onto the item, it is ephemeral and through careful wear and storing can last a long time however it can begin to come off over time. Visit our care page to learn more about gold plating and how to keep it at its best.